Question 1

An Infants pulse should normally be felt for, at which of the following locations ?

A Carotid ( Neck )
B Brachial ( Upper Arm )
C Radial ( Wrist )

Question 2

The new European telephone number for emergencies is ?

A 999
B 911
C 112

Question 3

A person suffering from Shock should normally be ?

A Placed on their back with the head raised
B Walked to aid poor Circulation
C Placed on their back with the legs raised

Question 4

A person suffering from a Nosebleed should be ?

A Placed sitting with head forward and nose pinched
B Placed sitting with the nose plugged to avoid unnecessary blood loss
C Placed sitting with head back and nose pinched

Question 5

A conscious casualty, whose legs are trapped following an accident should be ?

A Not released until the emergency services arrive.
B Be released as soon as it is possible to do so.
C Be only released within 10 minutes

Question 6

Which of the following is a cause of Suffocation ?

A Chest Injury
B Plastic Bag over the face
C All of the above

Question 7

Excluding Hospitals, how many people each day experience 'Sudden Death' currently in Ireland ?

A 20
B 8
C 15

Question 8

When performing "mouth to mouth" ventilation only on an adult, a breath should be given every ?

A 3 seconds
B 7 seconds
C 5 seconds

Question 9

If you approach an electric high tension cable you can receive a shock up to ?

A 18 meters
B 10 meters
C 25 meters

Question 10

An unconscious casualty, under normal circumstances, is better off to be ?

A On their back with a pillow under the head
B On their side
C On their back with the legs raised

Question 11

If a person tells me they are choking I should ?

A Encourage them to cough up the obstruction
B Perform Abdominal Thrust
C Slap them on the back

Question 12

The normal average pulse rate of an adult at rest is ?

A 40 to 60 beats per minute
B 60 to 80 beats per minute
C 80 to 100 beats per minute

Question 13

The chances of you giving first aid to a friend or relative is ?

A 80%
B 60%
C 90%

Question 14

Bleeding from an Artery can result in death in a period as short as ?

A 8 minutes
B 4 minutes
C 6 minutes

Question 15

A person suffering from a Heart Attack should be placed ?

A On their side
B Half Sitting
C Lying down

Question 16

Blisters are normally associated with what type of burn ?

A Superficial ( 1st degree )
B Full Thickness ( 3rd Degree )
C Part Thickness ( 2nd Degree )

Question 17

When performing CPR the chest of an adult should be compressed ?

A 25 to 40 mm
B 38 to 50 mm
C 50 to 65 mm

Question 18

A Strain is caused by which of the following ?

A An over stretched muscle
B Abnormal movement of a joint
C Ligament injury

Question 19

Concussion is caused by which of the following ?

A Bleeding within the skull cavity
B Pressure from a Fractured Skull
C Movement of the brain within the skull

Question 20

Bleeding from a Vein can be described as ?

A Bright red and flowing
B Dark red and spurting
C Dark red and flowing

Question 21

In the year 2000 in Ireland, Heart Disease accounted for what percentage of Deaths ?

A 34%
B 41%
C 28%

Question 22

The first task at any emergency is to ?

A Account for all casualties
B Check if there is further danger
C Check A-B-C in all casualties

Question 23

A child's pulse in comparison to an adult's is ?

A The same
B Slower
C Faster

Question 24

A dislocated finger should be ?

A Not used for a few days to allow healing
B Be put back "in place" by you as soon as possible
C Always referred for medical attention

Question 25

The chances of surviving "sudden death" on average in Ireland at present is ?

A 2%
B 10%
C 20%

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