First Aid Listings

First Aid Course Listing

First Aid Training Service offers a variety of training courses. You will find a list of training courses below. If you are interested in taking part in a training course you can browse our website and check availability.

Practical First Aid

A 12 hour course which is suitable for members of the public with an interest in learning first aid, for youth groups, transition year students and for workplaces who already have the required number of Occupational First Aiders in place. Certificates are valid for two years.

after those three years.

Occupational First Aid

A three day course, fulfils the Health and Safety Authority Requirements for first aiders at work. Follows the syllabus, as set down by the Health and Safety Authority.

Occupational First Aid Refresher Course(FETAC Level 5)

A one day refresher course, for anyone, whose occupational first aid cert needs to be renewed. In keeping with Health and Safety Legislation, you can only participate in a refresher course if your certificate expired within the last three months. If your certificate is more than three months out of date you must redo the full course.

Basic Life Support Course

A 4 hour course which goes through choking and CPR for adults, children and infants. Suitable for interested members of the public, for parents, healthcare workers and childcare workers.

First Aid Training Service is also a training site for the Irish Heart Foundation and American Heart Association. We can offer any of the Basic Life Support courses accredited by the Irish Heart Foundation which are as follows:

  • Family and Friends CPR
  • Heartsaver CPR
  • Heartsaver CPR/AED
  • Healthcare Provider Basic Life Support/AED

Public Access Defibrillation:

Training in the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).Suitable for people, who have access to an AED. If there’s one in your workplace, there should be trained users!!

First Aid Training Service is in a position to give you advice in relation to getting a defibrillator for your workplace, club or community.

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